• Vegetable Spring Roll (2)

  • Pork Egg Roll (2)

  • Edamame

    Boiled green soybeans in pods
  • Cucumber Salad

    Japanese style vinegar cucumber salad
  • Seaweed Salad

    Thinly sliced seaweed marinated in a special vinegar
  • Scallion Pancake

  • Cucumber w/ House Special Dressing

  • Gyoza

    Shrimp deep-fried dumplings (6 pcs)
  • Avocado Salad

    Avocado in salad with selected dressing
  • Crab Rangoon (5)

  • Veggie Tempura Plate

    Japanese style Batter-fried vegetables (7pcs)
  • Spicy Crab Salad

    Shredded Spicy Crab meat w/ Tobiko, Crunch
  • Spirit Bomb

    Batter-fried avocado stuffed with spicy tuna, spicy salmon or spicy crab meat.
  • House Tempura Plate

    Batter-fried shrimp, crab meat & vegetables
  • Shrimp Tempura Plate

    Japanese style batter-fried shrimp
  • Crab Blossom

    Chopped soft shell crab and spicy crab meat wrapped with avocado
  • Tuna Tataki

    Seared tuna (6pcs) w/ garlic chip and tobiko. Sauce: Japanese ponzu dressing
  • Hamachi Crudo

    Fresh yellowtail (8pcs), jalapeno w/ fried onion, tobiko, ponzu dressing
  • Scallion Pancake Beef Rollss

  • Sliced Marinated Beef

  • Mouth Watering Chicken

  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Any Two/Three Rolls Combo

  • Any Two Rolls Combo

  • Any Three Rolls Combo

Premium Rolls

  • Spider Roll

    In: Soft shell crab, Avocado, Crab meat, Cucumber, Lettuce drizzled with Eel Sauce
  • Japanese Lasagna

    In: Crab meat, Avocado. Out : Baked Cream cheese
  • Rose Roll

    In: Shrimp Tempura, Avocado, Cucumber, Crab meat. Out: Spicy Tuna
  • Auburn Tiger Roll

    In: Salmon, Cream cheese, Crab meat, Avocado. Out: Whole Roll Tempura
  • Caterpillar Roll

    In: Eel, Crab meat, Cucumber. Out : Avocado, Eel Sauce
  • Cowboy Roll

    In: Eel tempura, Crab meat, Cream cheese, Avocado. Out: Seared steak Topped with Spicy mayo, Eel sauce, Scallions, Masago
  • Rocky Mountain Roll

    In: Crab meat, Cucumber, Avocado. Out : Seaweed Tempura, Spicy Tuna, Spicy Mayo, Eel Sauce
  • Butterfly Roll

    In: Shrimp Tempura, Avocado, Cucumber, Crab meat out : Red Snapper Tempura topped w/ Eel & Lobster Sauce
  • Crystal Roll (Clear Rice Paper Wrapped)

    In: Salmon, Ebi, Mango, Spring Mix, Cucumber, Avocado served w/ Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Salmon Heater Roll

    In: Crab Meat Tempura, Fried Onion Chip Topped with Cream Cheese, Baked Salmon, Eel sauce and Lobster Sauce
  • Volcano Roll

    In: Spicy tuna, Avocado, White Fish, Whole Roll Tempura (6 pcs) Topped with Eel Sauce, Spicy Mayo and Sweet Chilli
  • Dragon Roll

    In: Shrimp Tempura, Crab Meat, Cucumber. Out: Eel, Avocado
  • Rainbow Roll

    In: Crab stick, Avocado, Cucumber Topped with Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Snapper and White Tuna
  • Pink Lady

    In: Shrimp tempura, Eel, Avocado, Crab meat, wrapped in soy paper. Out: Topped with eel sauce and spicy mayo
  • Naruto Roll - No Rice

    In: Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Avocado Cream Cheese. Out: Wrapped w/ Cucumber and Ponzu sauce
  • New Orleans Roll

    In: Spicy Crawfish meat, Avocado. Out: Crawfish Salad and Spicy Crab Meat topped with Eel Sauce and Lobster Sauce
  • Beyond's Roll

    In: Shrimp tempura, Avocado Cream Cheese, Red Snapper Tempura wrapped in Sesame soy Paper, Topped with Spicy Crab meat Green Onion, Masago Eel sauce, Spicy Mayo and Wasabi Mayo
  • Pacific Union Roll

    In: Shrimp Fempura, Tuna, Cream cheese, Salmon, Avocado, Crab meat Wrapped with Soy paper
  • Fuji Yama Roll

    In: Crab meat, Cucumber, Avocado, Baked with Spicy Scallops and Shrimp,Topped with Eel sauce, Crunch, Green Onion, Massago
  • Ninja Roll

    In: Spicy Tuna, Jalapeno Tempura, Cream Cheese. Out: Eel Topped with Eel Sauce and Shiracha
  • Salmon Killer

    In: Spicy Salmon, Avocado. Out: Salmon, Tobiko
  • Rick's Tuna Killer

    In: Spicy Tuna, Avocado. Out: Tuna, Tobiko
  • Hamachi Crudo Roll

    In: Spicy White Tuna, Avocado. Out: Hamachi, Jalapeno Tobiko, Punzo Sauce
  • Firecracker Roll

    In: Spicy Tuna, Avocado out: Spicy Crawfish Topped w/ Spicy Mayo, Eel Sauce & Crunch
  • Mango Tango Roll

    In: Yum Yum Crab, Mango, Avocado, Shrimp Tempura Wapped in Soy Paper , topped w/ Mango Sauce
  • Sun & Moon Roll

    In: Spicy Crab Meat, Avocado out: Seared Tuna & Salmon toasted w/ Spicy Mayo
  • Alabama Hero Roll

    In: Langostino (Baby lobster), White Fish, Cream Cheese, Avocado. Out: whole roll tempura topped with Spicy Tuna, Spicy mayo, Eel sauce, Green Onion Tobiko
  • King's Crown Roll

    In: Spicy Crab Meat, Soft Shell Crab, Cucumber, Avocado, Lettuce, Topped with Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp, Tobiko w/ Eel Sauce, Spicy Mayo
  • Baby Lobster Roll

    In: Crab meat, Avocado, Cucumber. wrapped in Soy paper. Out: Topped with baked Langostino, Masago, Green onion, Spicy mayo & Eel sauce
  • Godzilla Roll

    In: Tuna, Salmon, Red Snapper, Cream Cheese, Shrimp Tempura & Avocado, Whole Roll Tempura, topped w/ Jalapeno
  • Aloha Roll

    In: Lobster Tempura, Mango, Ebi, Avocado out: Tuna, Salmon topped w/ Eel & Lobster Sauce

Cooked Rolls

  • Kani Maki

  • California Roll

  • Spicy California Roll

  • Salmon Skin Roll

  • Boston Roll

  • Yum Yum Roll

  • Chicken Tempura Roll

  • Calamari Tempura Roll

  • Mango Shrimp Roll

  • Shrimp Tempura Roll

  • Eel & Avocado Roll

  • Eel & Cucumber Roll

  • Salmon Tempura Roll

  • Tempura CA Roll

  • Lobster Tempura Roll

Poke Bowls

  • Small Poke Bowl

    1 fish and 3 veggies
  • Large Poke Bowl

    2 fish and 5 veggies

Beef, Lamb & Seafood

  • Sesame Fish

  • General Tso's Fish

  • Orange Fish

  • Sweet & Sour Fish

  • Salt & Pepper Fish

  • Broccoli Beef

  • Sauteed Beef w/ Hot & Green Pepper

  • Mongolian Beef

  • Sliced Beef w/ Curry Sauce

  • Sliced Beef w/ Green Pepper

  • Sliced Beef w/ Garlic Sauce

  • Kung Pao Beef

    contains peanut (unless specified)
  • Sliced Beef w/ Cumin Sauce

  • Hunan Beef

  • Broccoli Shrimp

  • Kung Pao Shrimp

    contains peanut (unless specified)
  • Shrimp w/ Garlic Sauce

  • Mongolian Shrimp

  • Hunan Shrimp

  • Sauteed Lamb w/ Hot & Green Pepper

  • Sliced Lamb w/ Cumin Sauce

  • Orange Shrimp

  • Sesame Shrimp

  • Salt & Pepper Shrimp

  • General Tso's Shrimp

  • Sweet & Sour Shrimp

  • Dry Pot w/ Beef

  • Dry Pot w/ Fish

  • Dry Pot w/ Shrimp


  • Small Miso Soup

  • Small Hot & Sour Soup

  • Small Egg Drop Soup

  • Large Hot & Sour Soup

  • Large Egg Drop Soup

  • Large Miso Soup

  • Cabbage & Tofu Soup

  • Tomato & Egg Soup

  • Minced Beef w/ Egg White Soup

Chef Specials

  • Chengdu Style Sauteed Chicken

  • Sliced Fish w/ Fiery Sauce

  • Sliced Beef w/ Fiery Sauce

  • Walnut Butter Prawn

  • Fish Filet w/ Silken Tofu

  • Braised Beef w/ Potatoes

  • Szechuan Style Sliced Lamb w/ Three Peppers

  • Fish Filet w/ Pickled Mustard

  • Chengdu Style Spicy Hot Pot

  • Spicy Hot Pot

  • Seafood Tofu Casserole

  • Beer Braised Duck

  • Xinjiang Style Big Plate Chicken

  • Chongqing Style Braised Chicken

  • Sweet Crispy Duck

  • Boiled Fish w/ Bean Sprouts in Hot Chili Oil

  • Wan Zhou Style Grilled Fish

Raw Rolls

  • Tuna Maki

  • Salmon Maki

  • Yellowtail Maki

  • Salmon Avocado Roll

  • Philadelphia Roll

  • Spicy Salmon Roll

  • Salmon Jalapeno Roll

  • Tuna Avocado Roll

  • Spicy Tuna Roll

  • Spicy Yellowtail Roll

  • Alaska Roll

  • Pepper Tuna Avocado Roll

  • Spicy Salmon Tempura

  • Spicy Tuna Tempura

Sushi & Sashimi Combo

  • Sushi Regular

    Chef's Choice 8pcs Nigiri and 1 California
  • Sushi Lover

    Choice of Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, 9pcs Nigiri, 1 Maki (6pcs)
  • Unagi Don

    Grilled Eel Filets Over a bed of Sushi Rice, Topped w/ Eel Sauce
  • Sashimi Regular

    Chef's Choice 12pcs Sashimi and 1 California Roll
  • Chirashi

    Chef Selected Fish (13 pcs) over the bed of Sushi rice
  • Sushi Deluxe

    Chef's Choice 12pcs Nigiri and 1 Spicy Tuna
  • Sashimi Deluxe

    Chef's Choice 18pcs Sashimi and 1 Spicy Tuna
  • Sushi & Sashimi Feast

    Chef's Choice 8 pcs Nigiri, 12 pcs Sashimi and Spicy Tuna
  • Beyond the Boat (for two)

    Chef 's Choice 12 pcs Sushi, 12 pcs Sashimi, California and Spicy Tuna
  • Beyond the Boat (for three)

    Chef's Choice 18 pcs Sushi, 18 pcs Sashimi, California, Spicy Tuna & Boston
  • Beyond the Boat (for four)

    Chef's Choice 24 pcs Sushi, 24 pcs Sashimi, California, Spicy Tuna, Boston & Auburn Tiger

Nigiri & Sashimi

  • Tuna (Maguro)

  • Salmon (Sake)

  • Yellowtail (Hamachi)

  • Red Snapper (Tai)

  • Fresh Water Eel (Unagi)

  • Octopus (Tako)

  • Shrimp (Ebi)

  • Jumbo Scallop (Hotate)

  • Sweet Shrimp (Botan Ebi)

  • Seared Tuna (Maguro)

  • Crab Stick (Kani)

  • Squid (Ika)

  • Sulf Clam (Hokigai)

  • Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko)

  • Smelt Roe (Masago)

  • Salmon Roe (Ikura)

  • Egg Omelet (Tamago)

  • Bean Curd (Inari)

  • White Tuna (Shiro Maguro)

  • Saba

Vegetarian Rolls

  • Avocado Maki

  • Cucumber Maki

  • Kanpyo Maki

  • Asparagus, Avocado & Cucumber Roll

  • Mango Roll

  • Veggie Roll

  • Mango Avocado Roll

  • Asparagus Tempura Roll

  • Sweet Potato Tempura Roll

  • Pumpkin Tempura Roll


  • Shredded Pork w/ Garlic Sauce

  • Shredded Dried Tofu w/ Pork

  • Double Cooked Pork

  • Shredded Pork w/ Bamboo Shoots

  • Farmhouse Smoked Pork

    contains peanut (unless specified)
  • Spicy Pork Short Ribs

  • Salt & Pepper Pork Short Ribs

  • Dry Pot w/ Pork Short Ribs

Fried Rice & Lo Mein

  • Chicken Fried Rice

  • Pork Fried Rice

  • Vegetable Fried Rice

  • Chicken Lo Mein

  • Pork Lo Mein

  • Vegetable Lo Mein

  • Beef Fried Rice

  • Shrimp Fried Rice

  • Beef Lo Mein

  • Shrimp Lo Mein

  • Braised Beef Noodle

  • Szechuan Braised Beef Noodle

  • House Fried Rice

    House fried rice contains chicken, beef and shrimp
  • House Lo Mein

    House Lo Mein contains chicken, beef and shrimp


  • Kung Pao Chicken

    contains peanut (unless specified)
  • Broccoli Chicken

  • Chicken w/ Green Pepper

  • Orange Chicken

  • Sesame Chicken

  • General Tso's Chicken

  • Chicken w/ Assorted Vegetables

  • Chicken w/ Garlic Sauce

  • Mongolian Chicken

  • Sauteed Chicken w/ Hot & Green Pepper

  • Sweet & Sour Chicken

  • Salt & Pepper Chicken

  • Chicken w/ Curry Sauce

  • Deep Fried Chicken w/ Roasted Chili

  • Dry Pot w/ Chicken

Tofu & Vegetables

  • Mapo Tofu

  • Sesame Tofu

  • Sauteed Potato, Green Pepper & Eggplant

  • Eggplant w/ Garlic Sauce

  • Shredded Potatoes w/ Chili

  • Eggplant w/ Green Bean

  • Vegetable Delight

  • Szechuan String Bean

    Contains pork, unless special request for vegetarian option
  • Orange Tofu

  • General Tso's Tofu

  • Broccoli Tofu

  • Kung Pao Tofu

    contains peanuts (unless otherwise specified)
  • Deep Fried Tofu w/ Garlic Sauce

  • Braised Tofu

  • Scrambled Eggs w/ Tomato

  • Sauteed Shredded Cabbage

  • Dry Pot w/ Cauliflower

  • Bear Foot Tofu

    Contains pork, unless special request for vegetarian option
  • Dry Pot w/ Chiba Tofu

Pad Thai

  • Chicken Pad Thai

  • Pork Pad Thai

  • Beef Pad Thai

  • Shrimp Pad Thai

  • House Pad Thai


  • Yum Yum Sauce

  • Eel Sauce

  • Lobster Sauce

  • Spicy Mayo Sauce

  • Poke Sauce

  • Wasabi Mayo Sauce

  • Spicy Sashimi Sauce

  • Ponzu Sauce

  • Ginger Dressing


  • Side Fried Rice

  • Side Salad

  • Side Steamed Rice


  • Coke

  • Sprite

  • Dr Pepper

  • Diet Coke

  • Coke Zero

  • Fanta Orange

  • Lemonade

  • Master Kong Plum Juice

  • Coconut Milk

  • JDB Herbal Tea