Bubble Tea

  • Bubble Tea

Ice Cream

  • Bubble Waffle (waffle only)

    This is not served with ice cream. It is only the waffle.
  • Regular Cup of Ice Cream

  • Bubble Waffle & Fruits

    Your choice of 3 fruits
  • Bubble Waffle Ice Cream

    This product is hard to deliver. To ensure product quality, the waffle and ice cream will come in separate containers.
  • Bubble Waffle Ice Cream Roll

Bubble Slush

  • Bubble Slush


  • Acai Bowl

    Choice of three fruits: strawberry, mango, pineapple, blueberry, peach, kiwi or banana. Get a fourth fruit for an extra $0.58

Banana Split

  • Banana Split

    Served with whip cream, chocolate syrup and peanut


  • 2 Macaroons

  • Cheesecake

  • 3 Mini Cheesecake

    Comes with one raspberry, one vanilla and one chip cheesecake
  • Tiramisu

Fruit Tea

  • Fruit Tea

    Choose between lemon, mango, honey, peach, plum, honeydew, grapefruit or green apple, strawberry or passion fruit

Thai Ice Cream Rolls

  • Thai Ice Cream Roll

Yum Milk

  • Yum Milk


  • Milkshake


  • Smoothie

  • Acai Smoothie

  • Avocado Smoothie


  • Yakult

Yogurt Slush

  • Yogurt Slush

Yogurt Bowl

  • Yogurt Bowl